MRA architects studio was formed as a continuation of the private practices of the Architects Evangelos Ravanos and Stella Mermiga.


The studio is a vibrant group of professionals who’s work is based on communication and team work and its all about sharing resources and expertise in joint ventures.


The aim of the studio is the promotion of the architectural practice as formulated within the procedures of the contemporary building industry.


We believe that buildings are a balanced synthesis of

  • Symbolism of form and its presence in the city and landscape
  • Function and requirements of the client
  • Ecology and the environment of habitation
  • Materials and the character of the spaces.


The activities of the studio include holistic design from general concept to specifc detailing as well as supervision of a wide range of construction work including

  • New buildings
  • Refurbishment of existing buildings and complexes
  • Interior design
  • Urban design and landscape architecture.


In the legal form of “Ravanos E. – Mermiga S. & Associates Co” – “MRA architects” the studio is registered in the record of consulting firms of the Ministry of Planning & Civil Works in the following categories:
Architecture Design of building works, (category 06), Level E’
Special Architecture Design, (category 07), Level E’
Registration Number: 743
Technical Chamber of Greece Registration Number: 6225
Since 2000 to the studio contributed:
Evangelos Ravanos architect AUTH BiA, Stella Mermiga architect NTUA BiA, Ioannis Papadopoulos architect AUTH, Eleytheria Tsaglioti architect NTUA, Dionysia Triantafyllou architect NTUA UCL, Elia Prevedourou architect AUTH UCL, Athina Hassioti architect March UC Berkeley, Theodoros Katsounotos architect NTUA, Jan Landscreiber architect TUC, Nikos Moiras architect NTUA, Dimitris Sofos architect UCL, Maria Grigoropoulou architect AUTH Man UK, Katerina Konstantinopoulou – Dimitriou architect NTUA, Fotis Anastasiadis architect NTUA, Nikos Kanellos architect NTUA, Aspasia Douvitsa architect NTUA, Eleni Kamondou architect NTUA, Anna Papachristoforou architect NTUA, Diana Christodoulidou architect NTUA, Ioanna Soulele architect NTUA, Fay Theodosiou architect NTUA UCL, Giorgos Merianos architect UCL, Katerina Moutsatsou architect NTUA, Natasa Markopoulou architect NTUA, Grigorios Mavromatis architect NTUA IUP, Zoe Stathaki architect NTUA, Eleni Sfantou architect NTUA, Nantia Karampogia architect AUTH, Pari Manari architect AUTH, George Tsouchnikas architect std., Anna Vogiatzi-Tampa architect NTUA AA, Artemis Sigalou architect NTUA, Kostas Katsadimas architect UoT. Evgenios Gialias architect NTUA
Evangelos Ravanos

Studied Architecture at the Polytechnic School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1983-1989) and at the Berlage Institute of Amsterdam (1991-1992).


During 1989-2000 he worked at a number of architectural offices: 1989-1990 Stella Mayta  architect, 1989-1990 Christos P. Kokkas architect, 1993-1994, 1996-2000 Potiropoulos D&L architects, 1996 P. Ropaitis & associates architects, 2000 co-founder of the architecture studio “MRA architects”..

Stella Mermiga

Studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (1987 – 1995) and at the Berlage Institute of Amsterdam (1997).


During 1994-2000 she worked at various architectural offices in Athens: 1993-1996 P. Ropaitis &  associates architects, 1997-2000 Potiropoulos D&L and associates architects, 2000 co-founder of the architecture studio “MRA architects”.